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Elite Middle East Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions facilitate real-time convergence of various sensor data, voice, and video by providing high-speed throughputs and a wide range of network interfaces, such as Ethernet, WLAN, serial, PoE, DSL, and various video compressions.

Elite Middle East Intelligent Transportation System provides advanced ITS such as:

Lane Control System will allow traffic control centers display all the required information (mandatory and advisory). The users will be informed safely and in all weather conditions.

LCS will provide information about speed limits, lane changes and lane closures. In addition, they will be installed in hard shoulders where required. This equipment will be installed above the center of each running lane.

Subsystem - Magnetometer Traffic Detection

The model of the Magnetometer Detection System from SENSYS NETWORKS, and SENSYS NETWORKS proposes a solution for vehicle detection based on small wireless sensor, which permit count, measure occupancy and measure vehicle's speed in an urban or interurban route and send data in real time.

Subsystem - over height-vehicle-detection-system

This system aims to detect the passage of vehicles in excess of height towards the flyover/tunnel and try to avoid the damage that they can cause in the infrastructure of the flyover/tunnel.

The system should designs so that warn in due time (taking into account the speed limit on the section of road before the flyover/tunnel) the driver of the offending vehicle and can stop before entering the flyover/tunnel, immobilize the vehicle at the diversion area created before the flyover/tunnel entrance, waiting for the arrival of the authorities to help remove the vehicle without causing accidents.

While the height control is a system that operates autonomously of Control Centre, operators will receive at all times the alarms sent by the system.


Our Constructions are used in many ways-to the utmost satifaction of our customers.

We manufacture dridges which span rivers, roads, railways and bridges for construction sites, foot bridges above production lines, sewage works and for linking buildings, bridges for trade fairs, for sports events, for cultural events, stationary working platforms, suspension working platforms and movable working platforms as well as mobile, air-cargo suited bridge constructions for military applications

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